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Canon G10 Polarizing Filter

canon g10 polarizing filter

    polarizing filter
  • A photographic or optical filter that polarizes the light passing through it, used chiefly for reducing reflections and improving contrast. Two polarizing filters are often used together, such that rotation of one of them results in a neutral density filter of variable density

  • (polarizing filters) Used on camera lenses to selectively remove excess light.

  • The polarizing filter used with most modern cameras is a circular polarizer. The first stage of the polarizer is a linear filter which filters out light that is linearly polarized in a specific direction.

  • A common filter that removes reflections from water, glass and other surfaces, it also increases colour saturation.

    canon g10
  • The Canon PowerShot G is a series of digital cameras released by Canon. The G series cameras are Canon's flagship models aimed at prosumer photography enthusiasts desiring more flexibility than a point-and-shoot without the bulk of a digital single-lens reflex camera.

canon g10 polarizing filter - 2x Telephoto

2x Telephoto and .45x Wide Angle Lens Kit for Canon PowerShot G10, G11 & G12 Digital Cameras with Adapter Tube + (3) Filters + Case + Tripod + Accessory Kit

2x Telephoto and .45x Wide Angle Lens Kit for Canon PowerShot G10, G11 & G12 Digital Cameras with Adapter Tube + (3) Filters + Case + Tripod + Accessory Kit

Kit includes:
1) 2x Digital Telephoto Professional Series Lens
2) 0.45x Digital Wide Angle Macro Professional Series Lens
3) Bower 58mm Adapter Tube for Canon G10,G11 & G12
4) 58mm UV, Fluorescent Correction & Circular Polarizing Filters
5) Precision Design PD-C20 Deluxe Padded Carrying Case
6) Compact 50" Digital Travel Tripod
7) Precision Design Flexible Tabletop Tripod
8) Precision Design 5 Piece Lens Cleaning Kit
When your digital camera can't get you quite close enough to the action, this 2x telephoto accessory lens will bring the action twice as close to you. It's perfect for all your long-distance photos of sporting events; candid portrait shots; as well as nature and wildlife photography.
When you've run out of room and your back's against the wall and you can't seem to squeeze everything you want in the shot, just put on this wide angle lens attachment to get it all in the picture.This 0.45x wide angle attachment more than doubles your camera's wide angle field-of-view.
This adapter tube provides a 58mm filter mount for adding telephoto and wide angle lenses to the front of your Canon PowerShot G10,G11 & G12 Digital Camera.
This kit includes three high-quality 58mm lens filters -- UV, Circular Polarizer & FLD (fluorescent light correction).
This padded carrying case includes a zippered main compartment with padded velcro divider, two large exterior zippered pockets, and two mesh pockets to securely hold your equipment.
Avoid camera shake and achieve maximum image quality by setting your camera on this sturdy, lightweight 50-inch tripod.
Take sharp, blur-free photos and great macro shots with this flexible mini tripod.
This 5-piece cleaning kit contains Lens Cleaning Tissues, Lens Cloth, Lens Cleaning Liquid, Blower Brush and Cotton Swabs.

86% (7)

Heart in a box

Heart in a box

Another cross-polarised shot, this time using a clear plastic heart keyring, sitting on top of a clear plastic block, which was in turn sitting on top of my laptop screen (laid flat on it's back!). Used a polarising filter to achieve the colour effects.

Cropped only - all other effects were in-camera. The pixellated effect is from the pixels on the laptop screen.

Green Day

Green Day Turkey Foot Falls in Bankhead Forest in Beautiful North Alabama.

15 Second exposure with a bit of flash on a very dark, overcast, rainy day. Worked hard to keep the camera dry.

Also, neutral density and circular polarizing filter.

canon g10 polarizing filter

canon g10 polarizing filter

3-Piece Ultra Slim Pro Aspherical Glass Filter Set (UV Ultraviolet, Circular Polarizing & Warming) with Pouch and Lens Tube Adapter for Canon Powershot G10 G11 G12

Filter Set Includes:
1) Ultra Slim Pro Glass UV Ultraviolet Filter
2) Ultra Slim Pro Glass Circular Polarizing Filter
3) Ultra Slim Pro Glass Warming Filter
4) Soft Nylon Filter Case

The Ultraviolet UV Glass Filter is multi-purpose, fine-weather filter that is designed to optimize the photography experience of the digital SLR user. UV filters absorb ultraviolet rays that often make outdoor photographs hazy and indistinct, and should be constantly fitted to a lens to provide improved clarity and color balance, as well as to provide protection to your lens.
The Circular Polarizing (PL) Filter allows you to remove unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water and glass, and they also improve color saturation, clarity and contrast. This threaded filter is often used to increase the contrast and saturation in blue skies and white clouds, for example.
The Warming Filter is used to control the bluish coloration that affects daylight film. They can also remove excessive blue from the effects of electronic flash. Reduces blue to a warmer color of human skin look healthier. Recommend combining with a pro UV filter for outdoor shooting.

Professional Digital Camera Tube Adapter Included

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