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Notch filter audio : Glare screen filter

Notch Filter Audio

notch filter audio

    notch filter
  • A filter that attenuates signals within a very narrow band of frequencies

  • In signal processing, a band-stop filter or band-rejection filter is a filter that passes most frequencies unaltered, but attenuates those in a specific range to very low levels. It is the opposite of a band-pass filter.

  • A specialized kind of equalizer that can be tuned to "notch out" problem frequencies without affecting neighboring frequency bands. Usually used to kill feedback frequencies. Equinox features two switchable notch filters.

  • A circuit that takes a small "slice" out of the bandpass tuned by a receiver; this is useful for reducing interference from narrow bandwidth signals.

  • the audible part of a transmitted signal; "they always raise the audio for commercials"

  • sound recording: a recording of acoustic signals

  • an audible acoustic wave frequency

  • Sound, esp. when recorded, transmitted, or reproduced

notch filter audio - Source Audio

Source Audio Bass Envelope Filter Effects Pedal

Source Audio Bass Envelope Filter Effects Pedal

The Bass Envelope Filter is a continuation of the evolving line of Source Audio effects optimized specifically for the bass guitar. There are 21 different envelope filter effects to choose from including 2 Pole and 4 Pole Low Pass variations, Single Peak, Triple Peak, Peak/Notch variations, as well as Phaser settings. Each of these settings can be further modified with a variety of control options including positive/negative filter sweeps, sweep range, attack and decay speed settings, or frequency range selection. All Soundblox effects pedals are compatible with the Hot Hand Motion Controller - available separately in wireless or wired configurations. Soundblox pedals provide a wide variety of original sounding effects in a sleekly designed, rugged package that is easy to use and highly flexible.

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Jeff's Settings

Jeff's Settings

Took this picture to help reset the notch filter for Jeff's guitar if it gets out of whack.

Audio Note Jinro

Audio Note Jinro

Audio Note Jinro - 211-based integrated amplifier.

notch filter audio

notch filter audio

Behringer FBQ2496 Feedback Destroyer

The FBQ2496 is the fastest ( 0.2 sec.) and the only 96 kHz Feedback Suppressor on the market. Using an ultra-fast feedback detection algorithm, it automatically and intelligently locates up to 20 feedback frequencies per channel and sets extremely narrow notch filters to destroy them, leaving the remainder of the signal virtually untouched. Easy does it: with the Set-and-Forget default setting plus the Panic button, your FEEDBACK DESTROYER can be up and running in no time! The auto mode continuously monitors the mix, resetting programmed filters automatically, while the manual mode allows individual setting of up to 40

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