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35mm Slr Camera With

35mm slr camera with

    slr camera
  • A single-lens reflex (SLR) camera is a camera that typically uses a semi-automatic moving mirror system that permits the photographer to see exactly what will be captured by the film or digital imaging system (after a very small delay), as opposed to pre-SLR cameras where the view through the

  • Single Lens Reflex Camera, same as above and the digital is assumed in my world.

  • A small format film, with an image size of 24 x 36mm available in 12, 24 or 36 exposures. It is the most commonly used film size, but does not offer the quality of medium or large format, because this small negative must be enlarged quite a bit in the darkroom loosing it's clarity and sharpness.

  • The standard film gauge for films intended to be shown in cinemas. Depending on the film stock being used, 35mm film is capable of producing an image of sufficient detail to fill even a large cinema screen.

  • 35 mm film is the basic film gauge most commonly used for chemical still photography (see 135 film) and motion pictures, and remains relatively unchanged since its introduction in 1892 by William Dickson and Thomas Edison, using film stock supplied by George Eastman.

Nikon EM 35mm SLR Camera

Nikon EM 35mm SLR Camera

Nikon EM 35mm Single Len Reflex Camera
with Nikon Series E 50mm f/1.8 Lens and Nikon Speedlight SB-9 Flash

This camera is in quite good condition for its age. It has been well looked after with only one owner. There are some slight wear marks on the lens and body metal lens couplings. Otherwise the camera body and lens are unmarked. The camera has been kept in a Nikon leather carry case since new.

Canon AL-1 qF 35mm SLR with 50mm f1.8 FD Lens

Canon AL-1 qF 35mm SLR with 50mm f1.8 FD Lens

Canon AL-1 qF 35mm SLR with 50mm f1.8 FD lens, SB-800 shot into umbrella high right at 105mm zoom, around 1/64 power & Minolta 280px shot at high via Vivitar SL-2 trigger into umbrella high left

35mm slr camera with

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