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Boy and girl twin babies. Baby high chair.

Boy And Girl Twin Babies

boy and girl twin babies

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Twins Everywhere!

Twins Everywhere!

Stacey expects a boy & a girl in April (girl blanket finished, boy blanket started).
Carey expects twin boys in June (next on my crochet list).
Got a call last night that another friend is very newly pregnant. Wonder how many she will have?!

PS: Prayers for Stacey's family, her Mom had a biopsy today & they anticipate it is breast cancer.

PSS: Prayers for Carey's family, her father passed away yesterday morning.

<3 - with different birthdays!

<3 - with different birthdays!

these two were perfect. only my second set of newborn twins, and absolutely perfect. born on two different days!

boy and girl twin babies

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