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Bicycle tube sets - Sun bicycle rims - Best cheap bmx bike.

Bicycle Tube Sets

bicycle tube sets

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Award Winner *Rookie of the Year: Mountain Bike* at 2011 North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS)

This bike was built by Rosene-Hand-Built-Bicycles using KVA stainless steel tubing called MS2.

Please visit Rosene-Hand-Built-Bicycles website for more information about the custom bike builder.

For more information about KVA Stainless technologies, please visit

Production Tube Mill for making Stainless Steel Tubing

Production Tube Mill for making Stainless Steel Tubing

Here's KVA Stainless production tube mill welding up some bike tubing. Of course we can not show you our proprietary and patented seam-welding process.

bicycle tube sets

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