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Girls Diamondback Bicycle : Pit Bike Chassis

Girls Diamondback Bicycle

girls diamondback bicycle

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  • Diamondback is a Bolliger & Mabillard steel hypercoaster located at Kings Island in Mason, Ohio.

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girls diamondback bicycle - Diamondback 700c

Diamondback 700c Wheels Trace Comp Dual Sport Bike (18-Inch)

Diamondback 700c Wheels Trace Comp Dual Sport Bike (18-Inch)

The Diamondback Trace Comp doesn't make the roads and trails easier, but it does help make your ride so. Start with a butted aluminum dual sport frame and throw in double wall 700c wheels, and a Shimano Alivio 8-speed drive train and rapid fire shifters. Take that and add in Hayes HMX-4 mechanical disc brakes to make stopping a piece of cake. And the piece de resistance - a SR Suntour NVX-MLO fork with 75 mm of travel and a mechanical lock out. Try a Diamondback Trace Comp and see where your legs can take you.

75% (9)

bike Final

bike Final

A cropped in version of one of the shots I took for Diamondback bicycles. Had to crop in because it's a 2011 bike and not yet been released...

George&Bike08 22

George&Bike08 22

Old girl's Diamondback mountain bicycle. Acquired for $5 at a yard sale and donated to a homeless woman. The operator in the photo is GWB.

girls diamondback bicycle

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