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Bike Midwest Magazine

bike midwest magazine

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bike midwest magazine - Midwest 1524DD

Midwest 1524DD 24-By-18-By-19-Inch iCrate Double-Door Pet Crate

Midwest 1524DD 24-By-18-By-19-Inch iCrate Double-Door Pet Crate

Midwest iCrate Double Door- Designed completely around the safety, security and comfort of you Dog. The iCrate Double door dog crate sets up easily with the fold and carry configuration that requires no use of tools and can be completed by almost anyone. The dog crate comes to you equipped with every feature you can think of; Two doors for easy access to your pet inside either thru the traditional front door or access your pet from the side with the second door. The Double door also affords you more opportunity to fit larger crates in more easily in with your existing rooms or vehicles, a composite plastic pan for easy cleanup in the event of an accident, two plastic carrying handles to move the dog crate from one location to another comfortably, Safe and secure slide bolt latches for the safety and security of the pet inside and the furniture on the outside, and most importantly a Free divider panel for use while your puppy is still growing up.

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Midwest Express DC-9-30 Cockpit

Midwest Express DC-9-30 Cockpit

A pic I had taken while flying the line as a First Officer back before 2004. Midwest Airlines. I think I took this at the gate in Milwaukee. The DC-9-30 was fun, but the DC-9-10 series, climbed like a homesick angel, but no slats.. It was a rocket.
These old DC-9's were interesting. You froze in the winter, and most likely your flight bag and coffee cup were drenched in Ethylene Glycol (Deice fluid) every time you got deiced. In the summer with 9 windows, the sun came beating in and you got a great tan, but it was a little hot. "Steam Gauges" and no EFIS. It was "real" flying, and no GPS, except for the GPS you stuck in the clearview window over your shoulder to give you your groundspeed, that you got at the local sporting goods store. :-)

This was a Color Negative I used to make a B&W photo, on Arista Edu Paper.



Cover for my new book "MIDWEST" published by Betty and Dupree at the end of October.

bike midwest magazine

bike midwest magazine

Midwest Homes for Pets 36 inches long by 23.5 inches wide by 50.5 inches high Cat Playpen

MIDWEST 130 Cat Playpen- The NEW and improved MIDWEST cat Playpen Model 130 is designed with not only the kitten's heath in mind, it also has many great new features that make the pet parent's life much easier aswell. The cat playpen folds down easily for storage or traveling, roll and lock casters for easier cleaning, a slide-out composite plastic florr pan and swing open front doors with dual-point door latches for the security of the kitten or cat inside. The cat playpen is roomy enough for large cats or small kittens with abundant areas to play whether it be on the ABS plastic pan or jumping from one of three adjustable wire framed plastic shelves. When and if the energy level drops the cat playpen also comes equipped with a Deluxe Chenille bed securely attached to a shelf to curl up and take a nap.

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