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First Up Canopys

first up canopys

    first up
  • A horse returning to the races from a spell is said to be first up. If that horse wins its first race it is referred to as first up victory, however very few horses are fit enough to win their first race after spelling.

  • The first run a horse has in a new campaign or preparation, usually after having a spell.

  • at the first try or attempt: e.g., I missed the target first up, but I hit it every other time.

first up canopys - Growing Up

Growing Up First Born

Growing Up First Born

The firstborn in every family has unmistakable traits that help him or her in life--or make life harder. If you're married to one, you know that a firstborn can be relied on... or can be a real nitpicker. If you work with one, you know they can be tough taskmasters. And if you are one, you know that everybody always expects you to do everything. Perfectly. Now you can learn how to:

Alter destructive family patterns, let go of sibling rivalry, succeed in your career by overcoming your need to do everyone's job for them, and sidestep the snares of parenting a firstborn with wit and warmth.

Dr. Kevin Leman, best-selling author and authority on birth order, shows us the significance of being firstborn in every aspect of our lives and helps us deal with the pressures and privileges of Growing Up Firstborn.

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Trunk or Treat!!

Trunk or Treat!!

It was raining while we were setting up--in good ol' Washington fashion. Thankfully Jaydi and Rick had a pop up canopy, so I pulled my trunk right up alongside theirs, so that both trunks could fit underneath the covering. Thank goodness for that! It was dry for most of the night, but at one point it POURED for about 5 minutes. I was thankful to be covered!

Rick and Jaydi did a duck theme (sort of like they were camping) When Rick came later, he brought his duck decoys, etc. Their little guy (my god son) was dressed up as Donald Duck. SO precious!

My church hosted the Halloween event, "Trunk or Treat" for the first time this year. 30+ cars lined the church. Every trunk was decorated with a various theme: Harvest, Camping, Under the Sea, Christmas (?!?), Hawaiian Luau, Pirates, etc. Then, all of the children in the community come and "trunk" or treat at all of the decorated trunks. There's a competition for the best decorated trunk. Inside the church we had carnival games, and free chili and nachos for everyone. We probably had at least 300 kids come, which made it a pretty huge success for our first time doing this!

Plastic Aircraft Kits I Grew Up With 6-1 Still Sealed One

Plastic Aircraft Kits I Grew Up With 6-1 Still Sealed One

This is one of many military aircraft kits I used to have as a kid and after about 36 years later I bought it again. This 1967 Revell P-40E was my first 1/32 kit. I was only making cheap 1/100 or 1/72 scale aircrafts until I god this one and I was so impressed about the box art, detail and the sheer size of the completed model – now it looks so simple and small though : ) – It was great as landing gears can be retracted, flaps working, canopy slide open, with a big pilot figure and engine detail and so on…. For mere 10 year old it was a dream kit. I did not even painted it and the water slide decals were crudely applied but heck, it gave me so much fun and good memory that last as long as I live. I will make this one properly and have fun again!

This one's still sealed and I will keep it as is and I will build another already opened one.

first up canopys

first up canopys

First Aid Only Bloodborne Pathogen Bodily Spill Kit, 21-Piece Kit

This 23pc. bodily fluid spill kit is specifically designed to protect the user during biohazard clean-up and is intended for businesses, offices and work sites. This kit includes a complete head-to-toe defense package for fluid pick-up necessities and to protect against bio-hazardous contaminants. This kit meets with federal OSHA recommendations and contains an ample supply of garment disposal and biohazard bags. Products are contained in a sturdy, reusable plastic case that can be easily carried or mounted on a wall.

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