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Printed lamp shade - Side panel drapes

Printed Lamp Shade

printed lamp shade

    lamp shade
  • A cover for a lamp, used to soften or direct its light

  • lampshade: a protective ornamental shade used to screen a light bulb from direct view

  • A lampshade is a fixture that covers the lightbulb on a lamp to diffuse the light it emits. Conical, cylindrical and other forms on floor-, desk- or table top-mounted as well as suspended lamp models are the most common and are made in a wide range of materials.

  • The shade serves the important function of blocking the glare from a light bulb and is usually the most decorative part of a lamp. The lamp shade can be made of glass, fabric, metal, or other more creative materials.

  • (of a newspaper or magazine) Publish (a piece of writing) within its pages

  • (print) a picture or design printed from an engraving

  • Produce (text or a picture) in such a way

  • put into print; "The newspaper published the news of the royal couple's divorce"; "These news should not be printed"

  • Produce (books, newspapers, magazines, etc.), esp. in large quantities, by a mechanical process involving the transfer of text, images, or designs to paper

  • (print) the text appearing in a book, newspaper, or other printed publication; "I want to see it in print"

Paperclay lamp shade

Paperclay lamp shade

This paperclay doll i produced myself. Newspaper prints soaked in water + clay shliker mixed together. The face i mold in gypsum form , after that i changed exprassion a little bit and make few holes , hair and basement i sculptured by hand . After drying i painted it acrylic paints. No heat treatment.
Jewelry also made myself.

Lamp Redress

Lamp Redress

If I did block print the lamp shade, it would match my light boxes. They are currently residing in my window as sun catchers right now, but I would like to get lights back in them and hang them up in the living room.

printed lamp shade

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