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Alyssum flower pictures. Pink green wedding flowers.

Alyssum Flower Pictures

alyssum flower pictures

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  • A herbaceous Eurasian plant that bears small flowers in a range of colors, typically white or yellow. Several kinds are widely cultivated in gardens

  • Alyssum is a genus of about 100170 species of flowering plants in the family Brassicaceae, native to Europe, Asia, and northern Africa, with the highest species diversity in the Mediterranean region.

  • any garden plant of the genus Alyssum having clusters of small yellow or white flowers

  • a genus of the family Cruciferae

  • reproductive organ of angiosperm plants especially one having showy or colorful parts

  • (of a plant) Produce flowers; bloom

  • bloom: produce or yield flowers; "The cherry tree bloomed"

  • Be in or reach an optimum stage of development; develop fully and richly

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alyssum flower pictures - Carpet of

Carpet of Snow Alyssum - 200 Seeds, 2 g - White

Carpet of Snow Alyssum - 200 Seeds, 2 g - White

Carpet of Snow (Lobularia Martima)
Because it is covered with tiny flowers from spring until frost, Carpet of Snow has been a garden border favorite for generations. Alyssum provides honey-like fragrance for window boxes and hanging baskets in addition to its primary role as an edging plant. Carpet of Snow is a mound of color in rock gardens, along walks, or just filling an empty corner. An easy-to-grow gem!
Type: Annual
Light: Sun/Part Shade
Height: 3-5"
Days to Germination: 5-10
Blooms: Summer
200 Seeds, 2 g

75% (11)

Small potted garden grows

Small potted garden grows

Pictured: The pot on the left was 6 small bright fuscia paintbrush plants and one large one with fuscia, yellow and orange blossoms, all repotted in that big terra cotta pot. It's so pretty, i'm grumpy it's in the shadow of the patio umbrella. :(

Next is the little pink polkadot leaved thing, I never know what those are called. (My strongest memory of these was that my mom and dad used to let me buy one every summer when we'd plant the yard, and of course I'd kill it.) Next to it is another odd dollar store plant with long thin leaves and yellow polkadots, repotted with some of the alyssum I grew from seed.

In back behind those two is the little ivy plant we bought at the dollar store, repotted in a lovely chinese-style vase we inherited from our recently passed neighbor George. It's doing great, which shocks me since the dollar store plants really are kind of crap plus my dead-doing. Go little Ivy, go!

Then of course the big basil plant, growing like a weed, and the one remaining indoor cactus we had from when we were trying to remove the evil from next door (long story, but it totally worked! hence only one living cactus left, heh!).


122/365 boyfriend and I drove way the heck all over So. CA, I took a zillion pictures of everything in sight and I ended up posting a photo of an Alyssum blossom. (It's amazing how many crappy pictures I can take in one day.) If I had known that ahead of time, I could have just run over to Armstrong Nursery and saved myself some time and gas!

The good part about this is that I never realized that Alyssum looked like this up close considering that this is really around 1" in diameter. The stamens look like grape seeds. I want to pick them out!

alyssum flower pictures

alyssum flower pictures

Ferry-Morse 1005 Alyssum Annual Flower Seeds, Carpet Of Snow (450 Milligram Packet)

Ferry-Morse has been supplying the best in seed and gardening supplies for over 100 years, and we are proud to still be innovating and improving. Whether you are looking for the finest in flowers or gourmet garden vegetables, you will find all your answers here. Take a minute and explore our product categories for planning and inspiration. At Ferry-Morse, we want you to enjoy your best ever gardening experience. Ferry-Morse Seed Company offers gardener's over 350 varieties of flower, vegetable, and herb seed.

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