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Cooking for the freezer recipes. Refrigerator vans for sale.

Cooking For The Freezer Recipes

cooking for the freezer recipes

  • the act of preparing something (as food) by the application of heat; "cooking can be a great art"; "people are needed who have experience in cookery"; "he left the preparation of meals to his wife"

  • (cook) prepare a hot meal; "My husband doesn't cook"

  • The practice or skill of preparing food

  • The process of preparing food by heating it

  • Food that has been prepared in a particular way

  • (cook) someone who cooks food

  • Pokemon has 493 (as of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl) distinctive fictional species classified as the titular Pokemon.

  • A refrigerator is a cooling apparatus. The common household appliance (often called a "fridge" for short) comprises a thermally insulated compartment and a heat pumpóchemical or mechanical meansóto transfer heat from it to the external environment (i.e.

  • A refrigerated compartment, cabinet, or room for preserving food at very low temperatures

  • A device for making frozen desserts such as ice cream or sherbet

  • deep-freeze: electric refrigerator (trade name Deepfreeze) in which food is frozen and stored for long periods of time

  • Something which is likely to lead to a particular outcome

  • A set of instructions for preparing a particular dish, including a list of the ingredients required

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  • A recipe is a set of instructions that describe how to prepare or make something, especially a culinary dish.

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  • (recipe) directions for making something

cooking for the freezer recipes - Cooking From

Cooking From A to Zest

Cooking From A to Zest

Cooking is more than just following a recipe. It's being able to confidently walk into a kitchen, assess what's there and whip up something delightful and delicious. With that in mind, Cooking From A to Zest is like having your own private in-home instructor teaching you a foundation of techniques and skills. Watch it like a class, learning as you go, or use the main menu to jump directly to the technique or recipe you want. From how to dice an onion like a pro to roasting the perfect chicken to gaining helpful insight from experts at markets and restaurants, host Kierstin Buchner shares tips for both the beginning and more experienced cook. VOLUME 1 - BUILDING YOUR KITCHEN: Cooking starts with kitchen essentials - such as efficient knife skills, selecting your equipment and stocking your kitchen with staple ingredients. VOLUME 2 - STOCKS, SOUPS, & SAUCES: Learn the building blocks of delicious stocks and broths, unveil the secret to cream soups and purees, then finish with with five key Foundation sauces. VOLUME 3 - SALADS, VEGETABLES, POTATOES, PASTA, GRAINS & LEGUMES: Learn to prepare salad dressings with ease, saute, blanch, and grill your way to flavorsome vegetables, and cook the perfect rice and pasta - every time! VOLUME 4 - EGGS, MEAT, POULTRY & FISH: Discover six classic ways to prepare eggs, then move on to a variety of mouth-watering methods for meat and poultry, including brining, braising and stewing.

78% (8)

Minestrone Soup (w/recipe)

Minestrone Soup (w/recipe)

One of my all-time favorite soups - minestrone! =) This was apparently the weekend to make soup and now I have lots of leftovers in the freezer for the next couple weeks. Yum!

Minestrone Soup

1 cup dry kidney beans, soaked overnight in water to cover
1/2 tsp crushed garlic
1 yellow onion, chopped
2 quarts water
1 stalk celery, sliced
1 carrot, scrubbed and sliced
1 white potato, scrubbed and chopped
1 cup fresh or frozen green beans (sliced into 1" pieces)
1 8-oz can ow-sodium tomato sauce
2 Tbsp parsley flakes, or 1/4 cup chopped fresh parsley
1/4 tsp celery seed
1/2 tsp dried marjoram
1 1/2 tsp dried basil
1 1/2 tsp dried oregano
1/4 tsp ground black pepper
1 zucchini, chopped
1 cup shredded cabbage
1/2 cup uncooked egg-free whole wheat elbow macaroni

Drain the soaked beans, then place with the garlic, onion and water in a soup pot and cook for 1 hour to make a rich stock. Then add the celery, carrot, potato and green beans, plus the tomato sauce and all the seasonings. After 30 minutes, add the zucchini. Cook another 30 minutes and add the cabbage and elbow macaroni. Cook util tender, 20 minutes or so.

VARIATIONS: Add 1 15-oz can low-sodium, water-packed garbanzo beans, a 10-oz package frozen chopped spinach, and/or 1 15-16-oz canlow-sodium chopped tomatoes about 20 miutes before the end of the cooking time. Stir well and heat thoroughly before serving.

Servings: 6

(recipe from The McDougall Program)

*Okay, this one's not as quick as the veggie stew, but it's totally worth the time! I LOVE this soup! I always use the garbanzo beans and usually the tomatoes in mine and plan to try the spinach too. Never can have too many veggies! I have always had to add more water as the soup cooks though so keep an eye on that as you go. =)

Peanut Butter Balls!

Peanut Butter Balls!

3c. peanut butter
3/4c. butter
4c. confectioners sugar
2c. crushed graham crackers
1c. rice krispies

Mix graham, krispies and conf. sugar in large bowl
Melt pb and butter together on low in a saucepan
Pour melted mixture over dry mixture and fold together (not really as smooth as it sounds... more like heave... lol)

Scoop out portions with a small scooper and then roll into balls. Line up on a cookie sheet and place in freezer for around 15 min.

~chocolate drizzle-dip~

1/4 c. chocolate chips
1tb shortening

Melt together on high in microwave safe glass for 30 sec. take it out and stir... repeat in 10 sec increments until you are able to get it smooth. You can either dunk each piece into the melted chocolate or paste it on with a spoon/spatula after your pb balls have cooled.

cooking for the freezer recipes

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