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2 Inch Wheel Spacers

2 inch wheel spacers

    wheel spacers
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2 inch wheel spacers - OK Offroad

OK Offroad OK-WS475-2 Off-Road Wheel Spacers Pair - 6 on 5.5in - 1.5in Width

OK Offroad OK-WS475-2 Off-Road Wheel Spacers Pair - 6 on 5.5in - 1.5in Width

OK Offroad Off-Road Wheel Spacers Pair - 6 on 5.5in - 1.5in Width - OKoffroad Wheel Spacers are the ULTIMATE off-road accessory for Jeep, Toyota, Suzuki, Bronco or Land Rover. Perfect for adding side angle stability to a lifted truck. Don't forget to make it wider to accomodate the added lift! Use your stock alloy wheels - a great alternative to buying new off-set wheels. And when you change your truck, you keep your spacers for the next one. These off-road wheel spacers and wheel adapters are machined from T6 6061 billet aluminum. - Wheel spacer sets include lug nuts (Spacers with 1/2 inch studs and lug nuts).

78% (14)

Volvo 164, 1971, manual, white

Volvo 164, 1971, manual, white

Veronica, my 164 In Africa, rebuilt engine, koni shocks, 2 inches lowered, spacers on front wheels for wider tyres, electric windows, metal timing gear, central locking, 8-track stereo, drives better than new but very thirsty ;o)

RW-2 SP Mercedes CLS 63 1

RW-2 SP Mercedes CLS 63 1

Roderick wheels RW-2 silver
20x8.5 front with 20x10 rears
2007 CLS 63 AMG
clears brakes, no mods, no spacers
no rubbing, is a perfect fit

2 inch wheel spacers

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