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3 Inch Wheel Spacers

3 inch wheel spacers

    wheel spacers
  • (wheel spacer) spacer having circular section, perpendicular to the bar to which it is attached, used for maintaining cover in vertical members to the reinforcement nearest the surface of the concrete.

    3 inch
  • (3??-inch) Floppy is something of a misnomer for these disks, as they are encased in a rigid envelope. Despite their small size, microfloppies have a larger storage capacity than their cousins -- from 400K to 1.4MB of data. The most common sizes for PCs are 720K (double-density) and 1.

3 inch wheel spacers - Lodge Logic

Lodge Logic L8SK3 10-1/4-Inch Pre-Seasoned Skillet

Lodge Logic L8SK3 10-1/4-Inch Pre-Seasoned Skillet

Seasoned, ready to use. This skillet is a kitchen's most essential item. The even heating of cast iron is necessary for golden, tender, perfectly pan-fried chicken. What other cookware can rival the heat retention, versatility, value and durability of cast iron.. 10-1/4 inch diameter.

The American-based company Lodge has been fine-tuning its construction of rugged, cast-iron cookware for more than a century. No other metal is as long-lasting and works as well for spreading and retaining heat evenly during cooking. Lodge's Logic line of cookware comes factory pre-seasoned with the company's vegetable oil formula, and is ready to use right out of the box. After cooking, simply scrub the cast iron with a stiff brush and hot water, no soap, and dry immediately.
Breakfast in particular somehow tastes extra hearty when cooked in a heavy cast-iron skillet. Cast iron loves a campfire, a stovetop, or an oven, and can slow-cook foods without scorching and sear meat at higher temperatures. A good all-purpose size at 10-1/4 inches in diameter and 2 inches deep, this skillet can fry up eggs, pancakes, steaks, chicken, hamburgers, and can bake desserts and casseroles as well. A helper handle aids in lifting, and the looped primary handle allows hanging. Two side spouts pour off grease or juice. Even though the pan comes pre-seasoned, applying a little vegetable oil before use helps prevent food from sticking. Whether used in a kitchen or camp, this virtually indestructible pan should last for generations and is covered by a lifetime warranty. --Ann Bieri

75% (10)

3 inch 20cwt Anti-aircraft gun

3 inch 20cwt Anti-aircraft gun

3 inch 20cwt Anti-aircraft gun, Mark III British Dated 1918

This was the first British artillery piece to be designed exclusivley for anti-aircraft use during the First World War. It was relatively sucessful and was used mounted on a pedastal, as shown here, or on a Peerless lorry during both the First and Second World Wars. The earlier versions were fitted with a semi-automatic breech, it closed up automatically behind it, making loading much faster. The gun was adopted for naval use and it was used widely for air defence in Britian during the Second World War.

This type of gun was used by 70 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment (HAA), a predecessor of 103 Regiment (V) during the Second World War.

cane finished

cane finished

Elk Antler capped with amboyna burl. Stacked leather handle with amboyna burl spacer. Walnut shaft with spiral flute 1/3 turn in 3/4 inch. Leather and antler were buffed on buffing wheel to smooth mirror finish.

3 inch wheel spacers

3 inch wheel spacers

Victorinox 47508 3-1/4-Inch Paring Knife

The R H Forschner by Victorinox Paring Knife features high carbon, stainless steel blade, hand finished at Victorinox in Switzerland by skilled craftsmen. A special tempering process is used to produce an edge that can be resharpened over and over again, so the knife can keep its original sharpness throughout the entire life of the blade. Victorinox handles are ergonomically designed to minimize wrist tension. They provide a natural fit. A good heft and comfortable, positive grip are indications of a well-made knife. Although cutlery steel is naturally sanitary, materials and construction details of the handle minimize crevices what would offer hospitality to bacteria.

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