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Understanding BRI: The NBA Lockout's Bottom Line
Players and owners need a reality check. Someone needs to end the NBA lockout, and it doesnt matter who.The NHL, MLB, and even the NBA just over a decade ago each saw a work stoppage greatly damage their respective leagues in recent history. With regard to the NBA, the league had only begun to thrive once again after having to work so hard to get back into the good graces of its fan base following the 1998-1999 lockout and subsequent shortened season. The NBA is going to make a grave mistake that will damage the league for a long time if it does not wise up and get a deal done. What is it, exactly, that is causing such a rift between the players and the owners?It is the BRI, otherwise known as basketball related income, that has created the divisiveness in the talks between owners and players. BRI is the pool of money that is available for players and owners to share and accounts for most of the leagues revenue. Simply put, it is where their money is made. The CBA or Collective Bargaining Agreement is the set of guidelines that explains how that revenue is shared, how it is generated, and just how big a piece of the pie the players and owners each get, among other things.Some of the most common sources of BRI include: Ticket sales TV contracts Concessions Sponsorship / advertising dollars Merchandise sales The owners have claimed they lost money in 2010-2011, which is one of the major points of contention from the players. Understandably, they are having a hard time believing that in its most profitable year ever, the owners lost a reported $300 million. NBA Commissioner David Stern has claimed this, and the players arent buying it.The owners, however, are upset that the players do not have to invest any capital in order to reap the benefits of increased profits. Examples of such investments would be marketing expenses, advertising, purchasing goods to be sold, and operating costs for each franchise. Under the expired CBA, players were receiving 57 percent of the profits. The owners initial proposal for a new CBA asked the players to come down to 39 percent. With these numbers in perspective, it is clear just how far apart the sides initially were.The most important aspect of BRI is that it comes almost entirely from fans. Ironically, the people that are paying the salaries of the players and executives are the ones that will be punished by the results of a potential work stoppage. The bottom line is the sides need to come together and think of the good of the league. The goodwill built up so slowly over time will come crashing down in one moment should a deal not be reached in time to hold a full regular season. Even a shortened season would do fans a great disservice.Lets hope that differences can be worked out in time to continue to build on the success the NBA has had in recent years.Michael C. Jones is a Yahoo! Featured Contributor in Sports and closely follows all developments related to the NBA. Follow Michael on Twitter: @MJisyourhomeboyMore from Michael C. Jones:Five reasons Kobe Bryant will play in ItalyKobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan comparisons are justifiedNote: This article was written by a Yahoo! contributor. Sign up here to start publishing your own sports content.
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