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Romantic Decorating Style : Home Decor Wholesalers.

Romantic Decorating Style

romantic decorating style

  • Make (something) look more attractive by adding ornament to it

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romantic decorating style - ROMANTIC STYLE



The creation of a truly romantic room requires a certain flight of fancy, for romantic style is a personal vision and as such it lies in the eye of the beholder. In creating the romantic setting, a number of elements are at your disposal. Colour and fabric are the raw materials of magic, the means by which a drawing-room can achieve the faded grandeur and ease of the English country house; or a country bedroom, swathed in a cocoon of lace, can become a haven of sweet dreams; or a candlelit dining-room, decorated in midnight blue and gold-dappled brocade, can recreate the glories of Renaissance Europe. Beautifully illustrated with period watercolours and sumptuous colour photographs, this book evokes the essence of romantic style and shows how, with the right ingredients, any room can become that castle in the air, that fantasies can indeed become a reality. Victoria's Secret has collaborated with an English interior design writer, Denny Hemming, to create this lavish exploration into the truly romantic home.

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2010 christmas group 1

2010 christmas group 1

This is my 2010 Christmas Collection. Tami Kenner for

I hope you enjoy my pictures & have a lovely holiday season!

Romantic moment

Romantic moment

Romantic moment at Muriwai Beach, West Auckland

romantic decorating style

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