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Vintage party decor. Home decor candles.

Vintage Party Decor

vintage party decor

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Vintage Jeannette Glass 22K Gold Decorated Candle Stick Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Vintage Jeannette Glass 22K Gold Decorated Candle Stick Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

This collectible salt and pepper shaker set appear to never have been used. The original sticker is still attached and the interiors are clean with the cork. They are a light off white, or light yellow with gold accents on the top, dripping wax and rims. They have no chips, cracks or crazing there is some very slight wear on portions of the gold. This is a fun set to decorate the table for the holiday season or would make a fun hostess/housewarming gift!

Measure 5 1/2" tall x 2 1/4" across

Grandmama picked up the pepper shaker and attempted to walk down the dark hall with it as her light. "Why isn't this candle working?" she pondered aloud. Jannie flicked on the light switch surprising Grandmama who shouted "Air Raid! Duck and Cover! To the Bomb Shelter!" as she raced toward the basement.

party witch

party witch

This witch cracks me up everytime I look at her!
Her head started out as a candle holder that I got off the clearance shelf at Michael's...she's come a looog way, baby!
I blinged her face up and gave her a body and a cocktail and "POOP" she's ready to roll.

vintage party decor

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