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The underground guide to warrior fitness

Trening course nadahnut Klubom boraca ili što bi vam trener/ica htjeli reći a nisu se usudili:
* I will train with the utmost intensity, dedication,
and desire.
* I will turn obstacles into opportunities to
demonstrate my power and strength.
No feat is beyond my reach, i will write my own
The hell with genetics, i will determine my
physical prowess and strength.
I am an action taker not an action faker.
i am a leader not a follower.
There are no magic pills. my strength and power
originate from my intensity and devotion.
There are no shortcuts to the top. the warrior’s
journey is never ending. i will surge forward,
improving myself each day.
I will rise to the top, overcome all obstacles,
and destroy my enemies.
Excuses are weak, warriors are strong. i am a
(Created By Ross Enamait, Founder of &

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