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Implant Removal

Jasno, ne bi bila Zemlja da netko ne pokusa prodati pricu za profit.

A War for Souls is taking place in the etheric planes of existence, where for millennia, battles for control of the human slave population have been won and lost. In this War for Souls, off-world, intra-dimensional entities have used advanced technology to control the human consciousness via implants, otherwise known as "chips."

Many of these entities that wish to control humanity are Reptilians, and their method of control is to implant chips into human minds, which of course are connected to human consciousness. This work is done in another dimension, often when you're at a dentist's office, a hospital, or undergoing some other kind of medical procedure. A time when you are distracted and not paying attention to anything that might be taking place deep inside your brain or elsewhere in your body. Implants are also often inserted in the middle of the night when you're asleep. Once the implants are in place - it's not uncommon to have up to five implants - you become an unsuspecting minion of Reptilian control.

To understand the motivation of the Reptilians in their quest to control a human population, you need understand that the Reptilian's primary drive is to dominate and amass power. Their society is a pyramid-shaped hierarchy, each level controlling an even larger level beneath them. The human slaves are at the bottom of this very large structure, with groups of 100 to 1000 chipped humans controlled by each single Reptilian Overlord, entities that also control their own groups of lower-status Reptilians. Above the Overlords in the pyramid are the Reptilian-controlled Illuminati, and above them at the top of the pyramid, the Blue-Blood Trilateral Elitists.

The development of the spiritual Ground Crews over the past twenty years or so has posed a challenge to the Reptilians. Members of the Ground Crews are advanced spiritual individuals growing into their Crystalline DNA, which has enabled them to expand and hone their psychic capabilities and see through the Reptilian fašade that has been spoon-fed to humanity for eons. The Ground Crews are here to assist in the Ascension process of 2012, an awakening that threatens the entire Reptilian order. As a result, the Reptilian echelons have sought to control these special individuals through several means, including the implantation of many types of chips - without regard for the free will of those receiving the implants.

How Implants are Used Against Us

Reptilians use implanted chips to keep as many spiritual individuals as preoccupied as possible, keep them distracted from their missions and slowed (if not stopped altogether) in their growth. Emissions from these chips, for example, can keep the mind in a fog, making it hard for an individual to focus and concentrate on their work. Other types of chips are used to cause pain or disease, another highly effective way to distract people from expanding consciously. Others find themselves distracted purely by the dictates of the chip's programming.

At times, Reptilians will select certain spiritual individuals that they've chipped. They seduce them, cause them to move into the darker side of their nature and then further the Reptilian agenda. These individuals are programmed to confuse, distract, misinform, or waylay other spiritual people -- and keep them snared in the low vibration of duality. This can happen when individuals meet and talk one-on-one, or when they meet in groups. It happens a great deal on the Internet, even in the many spiritual groups where thousands can be exposed to and potentially harmed by those who have been co-opted by the Reptilians and are controlled via implants and multiple cords to dark entities.

Through the use of implants, Reptilians of several different dimensions have been interfering with the spiritual growth of the ground crews working the ascension process. It's a sad reality that so many who gain knowledge or consciousness beyond a certain level are targeted and then implanted. But it does not stop with the Ground Crews. News personalities, politicians, movie stars and other high-profile individuals have been chipped and are being used to push the Reptilian agenda. The same can be said for scientists, members of the military, members of government, etc. It is through the use implants that the dark Reptilian agenda has literally been programmed into all segments of society.

"Do I Have an Implant?"

That question may be on your mind after reading this information. If you are able, the best thing to do is ask the question of your Guide(s) of the Light, who will be happy to tell you. There are also symptoms that could indicate you have an implant, including:

* Brain fog
* Unexplained pain in the head or other parts of the body
* Persistent feelings of negativity or hopelessness
* A sense of being "stuck" emotionally
* Being stalled in your spiritual growth
* Aggressive, possessive, or domineering behaviors
* Feeling that you aren't in control of your emotions or actions

* Dreams or vague memories of having something artificial placed inside your body against your will

Finally, a Solution

The Reptilian use of implants has proceeded for years because nothing has been available to stop it. A few psychic healers have been able to burn out some of the implants, but they could not actually remove them -- or stop a Reptilian from simply showing up to implant a replacement chip.

As part of the first contact as of January 5, 2010, a few member of the Ground Crew have now been given a Symbol that can free you from implants, those placed by Reptilian implants, hostile Galactics and other entities. The removal process is usually comfortable, relatively quick, and you may soon notice a sense of relief, a sense of knowing that something important has shifted.

Implant Removal Specialists who have received this vital symbol can use it to not only permanently shut down the implants, but to help ensure that you cannot be implanted again. The energy of this symbol creates something of a flashing neon light in your body, one that reads "Keep out." This symbol will not interfere in any way with the work of your Lighted Guides or other Beings of Light who work with you in alignment and in accordance with your free will.

Very often, individuals afflicted with implants have other problems with dark entities. Our Implant Removal Specialists will let you know if these problems exist, and give you some options about what you can do about it, whether through additional Spirit Entity Removal (SER) work and/or the use of protective crystals and stones.

Several problematic dark entities present their own set of Free Will challenges and traps for humanity. In most cases, these entities can be dealt with using the techniques described in Crystal Avatar. In some cases, Spirit Entity Removal (SER) by a Master SER Practitioner may be required.

Renegades are energetic beings that have come in from the Universe to raise havoc with humans by influencing their minds. Negative Renegades are responsible for much of the phantom pain phenomenon, pain not associated with any illness or injury. Negative Renegades, often several at a time, can enter the mind of an individual and feed off negative energy. And they are masters at manipulating the person's experiences and emotions to cause even more negativity. These entities can come and go, even travel the phone lines so that they can latch onto someone else and begin the process all over again. "Positive" Renegades, also considered Energetics from the Universe, attack by influencing everything you do: what you buy, what you eat, even what you like and dislike, etc. They are adept at controlling thoughts and emotions. It's all about power over you.

Ghosts, Witches, Dark Angels, and Shamans are entities that often appear humanoid in their energy, and they too cause problems related to Free Will and control over your mind. Some people enjoy these entities because of the attention they offer, which can include warm fuzzy feelings designed to keep you happy and not looking at the damage the entity is doing to you or your life. These entities can affect their host's behavior: the person actually begins taking on the entity's personality characteristics. Very often this drives other people away. If you see this happening to yourself or someone you know, that's a big clue that something troublesome is going on.

Dragons, Snakes, and Serpents are the most dangerous entities to deal with. All three closely related reptilian species live on Earth, and though they exist in a different dimension than we do, they have a profound and devastating effect on our dimension. Snakes are adept at cording into you via the third eye, brainwashing or mind-bending you while you sleep, so that they can control what you think and feel. Have you ever wondered why you love a certain movie star. . .even if they're not very talented or you don't like them personally? You keep buying tickets to their movies and buying their DVDs. Thank the snakes who mind-bent you into it.

Serpents want to control everything about you: what you eat, how you spend your money, how they can get your money from you. . .all of it. The serpents are the "Off Worlders" that rule the planet. They live inside of the minds of the Elitists, the Blue Bloods. These are individuals with advantages you don't have, and it's because they have access to information not available to the average human. These people and their serpent masters are ruthless and cunning. They play life like a Chess Game, and they're better at it than anyone except the dragon, the Master of the Chess Game, deadly and cunning as well.

The dragons control humans. . .many of them. . .and after they cord into you, they will have you smoking in no time. It's how they keep you connected to them and you don't even know it! Dragons can also make people do things for them without their knowing it. They are the most powerful of the entities running around our world.
They take what they want and kill who they want, whenever it pleases them. Life is a multi-level Chess Board for the dragon. Look for dragons in the Far East,The Middle East, and in Italy. There are few hiding out in the US and the UK as well.

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