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Ured za igranje šaha i gubljenje vremena

Originalno sam htio objaviti jednu pjesmu. Onda sam dobio drugu ideju pa sam krenuo raditi na njoj, stoga vam sada mogu predstaviti treću pjesmu koju sam na kraju i snimio: Hero

Ove druge dvije? Samo što ih nisam napravio.

Uglavnom: razbijao sam glavu time da početni dio bude odvojena skladba, no srećom pa odustah od toga jer mi je bolja ideja sinula. Pun sam tih ovih dana. Lud sam, lud!

Također, ovom prilikom predstavljam sliku koja će na te u svim svjetskim žurnalima predstavljati "Permafrost Sandwich":


I onda bih se ja bavio glazbom...

Zbog velike navale, dodajem tekst 'Eroja:

Chequered white pieces in a thousand lines
And I browse through them like a hungry child
A gambit for a queen and then worlds collide
It's a funny game that demands (of me) resolve

The pawns rush the trenches with unyielding love
The knights have got their backs though not their hearts
As they stumble through an en passant
I cry for havoc and then give up

My opponent shakes his or her head
Refusing my surrender claims that I'm not dead yet

More people gather 'round to watch me win
Don't know which game they're watching but it sure ain't this
I smile and continue, 'cause what are the odds
That they'll disappear?

The bishop shows them faces painted on a screen
The rook shows them pictures of places that I've been
Or claim to have been, they don't need the truth
They need an excuse and something to prove it

They'll be happy with what they're given
I'll hide away, all my lines proven
They'll see the game as done
And I? I'll play the pieces
(Black King, White Knight)
Conquer, then fall to pieces
(Black King, White Knight)
Hide a few to save the lot
Aren't I a hero?
Of course I'm not.

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