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Evo nas s dugoocekivanim intervjuom. Kao i vecinu puta kad G Piffle dode s Rockhopperom pa tako i ovaj put, napravile smo mini intervju s Tammy. Nadamo se da cete uzivat & nauciti ponesto novo o G Piffleu, kao i o tome sto smjera za dalje.

Q = pitanje.
A = odgovor. xD

Q: Hy.Nice to see you again.How are you?
A: I am great.

Q: How was your adventure with RH?

Q: Where did you go?
A: Rockhoppers island.

Q: So its not a myth?
A: Not at all.

Q: What did you do there?
A: Had a lots of fun.We ate fish pizza.

Q: How does it feel like to be back in CP?
A: It feels like it has been ages since my last visit.

Q: Really?
A: Yes. I missed it so much.

Q: Are you enjoying the Christmas Party?

Q: Did you donate any money?
A: Since I am not member I donated every penny I had.

Q: Do you like the decorations?
A: It is all so shiny and sparkley.I love it.

Q: How long are you staying in CP?
A: I will stay longer this time.

Q: How much longer?
A: Next time when RH visits CP than I will go with him.

A: I know! I cant wait to start.

I tako prosao nas kratki intervju. :)
Nadamo se da ste uzivali & da necete zaboravit uskoro kad cemo ic trazit Pifflea :D
Uskoro dolaze trackeri ^^

Elika & Dodika.

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