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Discovering Jesus in the New Testament « Rightly Dividing the Word ...

Discovering Jesus in the New Testament « Rightly Dividing the Word ...

Comments(2) on “Jesus Take the Wheel: Man Stuffs Cocaine in his Son#s Jacket to Escape One-Time”. Sep 20, 2009 - 9:20 am. ftblgrl24. first. Sep 20, 2009 - 9:23 am. Nikkislice. Fucking idiot just wow. ...

During the official announcement Vitor held up a t-shirt that said “me second, JESUS FIRST!” I thought that was cool. But then when Joe Rogan handed him the mic to speak he shouted out, “Jesus, I love you!!!” It#s refreshing to see/hear ...

He#s not really my kind of Jesus: the Jesus I read about in the Gospel was a Mediterranean peasant, a wildcard who stirred things up, annoyed the powers-that-be, led a group of rebels. I can#t imagine this Jesus leading a group of ...

On this account Jesus Christ came to repair this ruin by his own humiliation; not refusing to embrace the shame of all the insults that his enemies offered him, as he had himself predicted by David: Since for thy sake I have endured ...

Models: Anna, Jesus Special thanks to Vandereij.

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