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9/11 Tribute: How to Say Peace in Foreign Languages

9/11 Tribute: How to Say Peace in Foreign Languages

September 11, 2009. 1195513_simple_dove_wallpaper. I attended a church service this morning in remembrance of 9/11. In honor of our prayers for peace, I#d like to share a few ways to say peace in foreign languages: French – la paix ...

As indicated from the World Language Map, Chinese is spoken by the most people in the world, but with the rapid economic development in recent years, Chinese people are enthusiastic about learning foreign languages. ...

[Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey] - Semiramis Sapmaz - Foreign Languages | Job Seekers - New CVs | Career Center, Jobs Spider.

Speaking Foreign Languages, Gaining Cash Headline News.

As far as learning foreign languages are concerned, French is the most popular choice. There are 15 branches of the Alliance Francaise all around the country. The second most popular language would be Spanish, closely followed by ...

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