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mental_floss Blog » The Late Movies: 9 Great Beatles Videos

mental_floss Blog » The Late Movies: 9 Great Beatles Videos

But I know my wife. It#s work and it does not go beyond that. My kind of movie is to convince the viewers and if making the story real is to convince the audience, then let it be. How would you describe her role at home? ...

I got it home and had to figure out how it would go into my entertainment set-up. The XBox, which has been barely chugging along, finally was removed. All of my remaining XBox games will play on the 360, so why not? ... I#ve never been a big HD proponent, I don#t believe it changes the quality of movies by any appreciable margin. For gaming though, it#s the only way to be. I like the Wii and all, but if a game can support HD then it should be played HD. ...

Today, a discourse on Yoruba movies cannot be said to be complete without references being made to her. Henrietta, in this encounter, unveils the kernel of her love-life with the prince of the Yoruba sector of the movie industry. This is Henrietta in her ... Like you do rightly know, I#m not his only wife. His other wife is into business. It#s not as if she#s always at home but she#s engaged in something else. So, most often, our children stay with her in her shop. ...

Musi video for “Something” which is effectively home movies of the various band members and their girlfriends wives (thanks, commenter Kristine!), including some fairly inappropriate goofing around on motorbikes. Huh? ...

Here’s what’s included on the no-frills sets: Vol 1, If Only You Could Cook (1935), Too Many Husbands (1940), My Sister Eileen (1942), She Wouldn’t Say Yes (1945); Vol 2, Theodora Goes Wild (1936), The Doctor Takes a Wife (1940), ...

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