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(Time) Killer apps | Howzit Howard

(Time) Killer apps | Howzit Howard

Hopefully you can type fast in the Boggle-esque must pop words. I got 2158 on my first try -- what#d you get?...

Where#s Waldo? Find the drunken fool and take him out....

My new time killer... So I play a shibby ton of video I figured I#d write my game #experiences# here. I don#t really do reviews and shit, just sometimes like saying how fucking awesome or how fucking shitty a game was. ...

How About A Time Killer? What Is The First Thing That Comes To Mind When You Hear The Following...? -

Time Killer For The Evening. Penguins are not flightless birds. Really. Posted by Jake on 08/30/09 @ 11:48 PM Posted in Cool | No Comments Yet | Permalink Send to digg, facebook, twitter or reddit ...

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