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Local digest — Shotguns found in Fairfield High School students ...

Local digest — Shotguns found in Fairfield High School students ...

don#t forget that cheney shot his friend in the face with buckshot and he lived. shotguns are really only effective at close range with shot, which is why the police use them, and actually many are now switching to ar-15#s rifles ...

Shotguns, booze and driving don#t mix for 2 Walpole Island men. SARNIA OBSERVER ONTARIO - Blasting a house and vehicle with a shotgun earned two Walpole Island men jail time Thursday in Sarnia court. Meldrum Pinnance, 55, pleaded guilty ...

Two Fairfield students were arrested after shotguns were found in their cars in the school parking lot Tuesday. The leading information source in Elkhart county providing news, sports, entertainment and local information.

Too often, draconian laws are created after a particular crime has been committed because people believe if only things had been done differently the crime would not have occurred. This is a wrong-headed approach that can only lead to ...

Advanced Precision Machining has retooled its plant on South Adkins Way in Meridian to manufacture shotguns, a move that could double its employment, the Idaho Department of Commerce said in a statement. ...

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