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A week of the shit

A week of the shit

Like a fast paced, less prosaic version of Stephen Fry#s QI mixed with a witty version of A Game of Two Halves, the show#s premise takes current events and squeezes them through the raw and uncensored minds of NZ finest comedians. ...

Now will Gonzo do what Libby did and fall on the sworn for Dick Cheney? I think the United Nations will have a slam dunk case with War Crimes against Bush/Cheney as these girly men that Spain is charging will sing like a bird. ...

Looking for info on #Raw Gonzo#? Then go visit our site that has EVERYTHING about Raw Gonzo -latest news, exciting videos, electrifying audios, wonderful podcasts, beautiful pictures, helpful blogs, complete FAQ#s/ Q#A#s, ...

Too late, Gonzo, trying to do the legal thing now is not going to save you and it won#t get you a job. Everyone knows what a rat you are. Log in to Reply. 3 days ago Add rating 1 Subtract rating 0. earthling ...

It was raw gonzo for me on Tuesday. I#m glad I did not bring my camera as I would have brought home this painting and slicked it up with more detailing around the face and hands. I worked my warmest warms around the face. ...

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