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Causes of Diabetes Neuropathy | Digg health blog

Causes of Diabetes Neuropathy | Digg health blog

Everyone is at risk for symptoms of neuropathy in feet. It’sa very frightening experience because of the fact that even with the symptoms, you may lose your capability to feel for a long time, maybe even in a permanent sense. ...

Microvascular degenerative complications, specifically retinopathy and peripheral neuropathy, were associated with aortic arterial stiffness in a large cross-sectional cohort study. However, diabetes-related variables were not found to ...

Neuropathy or nerve damage due to diabetes can present as insensate neuropathy (sensory loss) or painful neuropathy. The majority of people have the insensate type and the consequences and management of this are discussed extensively in ...

WASHINGTON, DC—Diabetics with neuropathy use more health- care resources than diabetics without this complication. In addition, among patients with diabetic neuropathy, those with comorbid de-pression or anxiety incur higher health-care ...

Diabetic neuropathy is actually the most common form of peripheral neuropathy. Usually, patients who suffer from this condition are those who are, obviously, diabetic or have high blood sugar. The disorder usually starts from the foot ...

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