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Thy Kingdom Come: Showering with other men

Thy Kingdom Come: Showering with other men

Welcome to the first in a series of articles on Personal Hygiene for Men (in particular for the bigger guys).รก This post will concentrate on showering -

I#d rather check out the opposite sex in the shower. And I assume you mean like at the gym. I shower alone lol. *ROFLMAO!* RT @TheDarlaShow: Question TwiTTerVille Men: Do you check out other guys in the shower? ...

She would go for days without showering (maybe would shower twice a week, three at the most) and wouldn#t change all of her clothes everyday (again, maybe every few days). She also didn#t brush her teeth as often as most people (I would assume). ... She wore men#s cologne (even getting mad if I used it, being a man), went to college and dropped her first career path, went back to college to be a Police Officer and completed the program only to decided to go BACK to school ...

Both men and women are now being accused of taking very long showers, which are now proving that they use up way more water than baths do. This does not only.

Now let#s take a look at the shower #ritual# of a man. Well, it isn#t much of a ritual at all. You see men are quite simple creatures. They require very little in the way of showering items or even time. ...

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