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Kennedy and LBJ

Kennedy and LBJ&s Fresca Summit | FP Passport

With the Apollo Moon project&s continuing success and his unparalleled Great Society programs, Lyndon B. Johnson (2nd from left) was on track to becoming one of the most celebrated presidents in U.S. history, until Vietnam ended his ...

If the true costs of Medicare had been known, Congress wouldn&t have approved the program, a political scientist says.

The New York Times looks at the possibility that President Obama could be less like Abraham Lincoln or Franklin Roosevelt -- the two presidents he&s often compared to -- and more like Lyndon Johnson instead. ...

Neither did Lyndon Johnson. These were all centrist southern politicians who by all accounts weren&t boat rockers when it came to race. So they crafted a weak bill. That doesn&t mean that LBJ doesn&t deserve some credit--he did have to ...

LBJ Coffee Tea Coke. The answer is Fresca. The contestant didn&t know that, he seek advice to the audience who said Yoo-Hoo. Of course he answered Yoo Hoo and he was terribly wrong. LYNDON B JOHNSON is a Fresca drinker. The LBJ four . ...

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