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Get traffic from Stumbleupon

Stumbleupon is the most popular Social bookmarking site which is used by many individuals and business people to increase their site traffic and it’s popularity is now growing day by day.Stumbleupon hits more than 8.5 million users which is quietly bigger than twitter.Tips to get most out of stumble upon:

Be an active member in the community and rate other websites related to your site.Customize your profile by selecting attracting themes and html tags are allowed inside in the “about me” section,So you can add your other social networking sites profile link such as twitter,facebook,digg etc.

Add more friends who are similar to your interests which will let your friends network to grow and you can share your newly submitted webpages with them,making them to thumbs up your site.Check “suggested friends” which will let you to find new friends whom are similar to your interests.

Submit new pages to stumbleupon and select “titles” carefully so it will be shown to the relevant users in stumbleupon. Some others say submitting our own article gets less attention but if we let others to discover our page they may not select proper title and tags relevant to the article,so its not displayed to the users having similar interests.

After discovering a new site you can share it with your SU friends .While submitting a post,add more and relevant tags related to the content which will bring targeted traffic to your site.

Write Good reviews for quality content relevant to your site content so more people may subscribe to your favourites. Join groups similar to your interests and participate in the discussions.You can promote your website by using the Stumbleupon advertising system for a very cheap cost based on CPC.

Add the Stumbleupon toolbar for firefox which will let you to stumble easily,connect with friends,meet people who have similar interests and share your discoveries etc..,,Sumbit your favourite bookmarks to Stumbleupon via the Stumbleupon toolbar and add widgets to your site.

Integrate a Stumbleupon button into your blog posts which will let your site visitors to Stumble your posts and share with their friends.Link your Stumbleupon profile to your website and let the visitors to add you as their friend.

Now there are more Stumble exchange sites in which you can join and increase your site traffic.

Suexchange is a new service which will let to exchange stumbles among the Stumbleupon users.You will be rewarded points by stumbling the other members sites and you can use the points to get your post stumbled.This site has a referral system which will let you to earn 10 points for each referral.There are some other sites for stumble exchanges too stumbleexchange,stumblefree,stumbleudon,stumbleforyou etc,,.

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