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Drive traffic from Facebook

Facebook is getting more popular day-by-day and infact some big websites are getting more traffic from facebook rather than google and now facebook becomes most used people search engine on the web.More than 13 million users are interacting with facebook each month.

Before you start promoting our site,you need a good network of facebook friends and to get more friends join groups which are related to your business.

Post a comment in the wall of group to add you as their friend and add some members of the group by telling why you want to be their friend.You can create your own group and add your website link in the contact details so everyone who visits your group may check your link.

Send birthday wishes to your friends with a good personal message,you can identify the upcoming birthdays of your friends on the “events” section in your news feed.Update your status often as your friends know more about you and get closer.

Create a business page(fan page) to promote your site and suggest your friends to become a fan by inviting them.Use a nice picture for your business page as a logo.Promote your business page by adding a “Fan Box” widget to your site or blog.

Tag your Business page photos using your friend’s names which will appear in your friends’ news feeds.Attract your friends by changing your relationship status while promoting your site in your personal feed.

You can import your feed activities from other sites which will appear in your news feed of facebook.Facebok lets you to import stories from other sites such as digg,flickr,delicious,youtube etc..,You can import your Blog’s RSS feeds into your facebook’s news feed.Whenever you publish a new post,it will appear in your wall as well as in your news feed.

Comment on popular groups related to your niche with a link backing to your site as we do make comments on other blogs.Create your own events and make it popular by inviting your friends.

Add a “Share” facebook button in your blog posts .If the visitor likes your post ,he can share it which will appear in the news feed.Add “Networked Blogs” application and promote your blog by inviting your friends.Add a networked blogs widget in your blog too.You can add “facebook Toolbar" to use facebook much better.

Notes application:Facebook features a note application which will let you to import one RSS feed of a blog or site.Ask your friends to add your RSS feed in their notes application.For example,if you have 50 friends and each have 100 friends,when you publish a new post it will be seen to nearby 5000 people which will appear in the wall and news feed.

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