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- u nedostatku nečega mojeg i manje važnog, evo da nakon dva tjedna pomišljanja ipak stavim tu nešto mnogo važnije, nešto tuđe; nešto što mi je stiglo tako naslovljeno.
(posvećeno svima koje sam "davio" s Ishmaelom)

I would love to get a dog!
Unfortulately our apartment management wont let us have them Maybe i'll take that house now .:P

Of course I left stuff out, how can you possibly begin to explain any of it without leaving stuff out? Its all so complicated. I'll be glad to hear what you believe in your words though. I guess what I would like you to explain is "impossible God's creature" that's been confusing me...

Look, I'm really glad I get a chance to talk to you. You seem to also really get it and want to get involved in seeing something happen. Honestly, no one that I know here who has read the book has really been that interested in even talking about it. As I said, they read it like a novel without it effecting them. Or they fall into self efficacy and think there is nothing they can do so they just forget about it. I guess it is easier that way. So I just wanted to thank you for talking with me about it. It really does mean a lot. You also seem incredibly intelligent and well read, so definately a joy to talk to .

I feel the need to explain how I learned about Ishmael. I didn't just read it and get it as well as I do now. As I said it was assigned for a class on Inequality and Social Justice last summer. The proffessor was an exchange proffessor from India. He was one of those people who are so intellegent they are almost insane. I've never met someone so smart. Anyway because it was a summer class, There weren't that many people in it. Just eight students and the proffessor. Summer classes are the same as regular classes except the squish 4 months of material into 5 weeks. So you meet every week day for 2-3 hours to get it all in. There was no curriculum in this class except talking about Ishmael with one of the most brilliant people I have ever met. For two hours a day, every day, this small group would meet and we would talk not just about Ishmael, but every subject imaginable and how it related. It was the most INTENSE class I have ever been in. There were days we'd finish a topic and all just sit there and cry. Most days I couldn't go back to work after class and would go sit on the grass and cry some more. We questioned every single aspect of our society. It was like electric shock therapy everything you thought you knew was gone and had to be reset. I can't really explain what this class was like very well. But imagine that this professor WAS Ishmael or B if you prefer. He taught in a very socratic manner so he would never give you an answer, but he would help you find your own answer. It was all about changing the story and making the story your own. I owe this professor, where ever he is in the world, so much. It was the best (and worst) 5 weeks of my life. Since then I have of course read all the books over again, Ishmael, Story of B, My Ishmael, Beyond Civilization, and After Dachau. Unfortunately, this professor refuses to keep in touch with any of his old students. (I believe this is for the reason explained in My Ishmael: that the students become dependant on the teacher instead of making it their own). But it is still upsetting. All well, i guess.

I don't know if its because i've had the unique experience of that class, but no one i know who has read that book (besides that professor) has ever taken Ishmael as seriously as i do. This all just came up because you were saying I really get it (which I really take as a compliment), but it just want you to know the story behind that. Obviously I have much admiration for you because I have never know anyone who gets it as well just from reading it. And as it does you, it really pisses me off. These are intellegent people, caring people who just can't deal with the facts. The facts that condradict everything we've ever learned. Anyway, just wanted to let you know why I'm so interested in talking to you. I really enjoyed reading the New Tribalism facebook page, not sure if its going to go anywhere still because you friend hasn't even responded to my post but all well, I'm glad I at least get the chance to talk to you.

Well, I hope you have a fun weekend. This weekend I am going climbing alone in Glacier. I haven't decided what peak I want to do yet but it should be fun. When you have kids you learn to cherish the little time you get alone. I took Ayla for a hike last night and spent the whole time trying to explain to a three year old what flowers eat and why if you pick them they die. Yeah... hiking alone is nice sometimes. and i'll bring the bear spray ;P
Talk to you later.

And man, do we talk.. for hours.
Rekord nam je 6 sati u danu without even trying too much.
Intelektualno zastrašujem sam sebe x)

p.s. -grijeh bi bio ne spomenuti, i ne prikazati- Ayla

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