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More backlinks will increase PR and traffic

Backlinks are very important for SEO and to increase traffic for your site.
Submit your site to free online directories having high page rank rather than submitting to hundred of directories not having a good Page rank.

Sumbit your rss feeds to rss directories having high page rank.

Submit your rss feeds to top syndication services which will give you backlinks to your posts.

Post comments on blogs having high page rank which are do-follow enabled. Search in google as “do follow blogs with high page rank” and get the list of sites to make comments.

To find do-follow blogs you can also use Fast blog finder softare,you can search up to 50 do-follow blogs in the limited version.If you want to find more blogs,you have to upgrade.

Exchange links with other blogs having good PR which are similar in topic with your blog.While exchanging link with blogs having PR higher than yours,add their link first and then ask them for a reciprocal link.

Join forums and participate in hot discussions by using your site URL(a link pointing to your site) as your signature and let others t know that you are looking for link exchange.

Use Comment sniper ,a software which is now available free to download for a limited time.Comment sniper helps you to monitor high PR blogs and lets you know when any new posts published in those blogs.Whenever you receive alerts for new posts,be the first commentator to give a quality comment in those posts.

Join automated link exchange systems such as link vault and recieve links which helps you to get deep backlinks to your site.

Get Royalty free templates from free blogger templates providers and include your URL while customizing it and let the visitors to download it free from your blog.

Use Backlink checker software to keep tracing your backlinks and reciprocal links which now more websites offer to check it online.

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