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Cheerless morning after cheerless morning, and doleful evening after doleful evening, Mr Augury pursued the time-worn activity of living.
His precocious children, who could play the piano and speak good French at the age of three, had of long grown up, and could no longer carry a tune, or translate a word of that or any other language to save their lives.
If truth be told, however, they bored Mr Augury since the very day they were born, and he had always regarded their precociousness as their family curse.
They were, his children, five in number, but were all twins, and he found it equally dissatisfying to talk to any of them.
Even in their earliest childhood days, he was perfectly unable to see, scent, or taste, a single semblance of his self in their flesh, mind, or spirit. And as time went by, this detachment had grown to a point where even remembering their names became a nuisance to Mr Augury, and he started referring to them all as simply: 'the scions'.

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