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Jerusalem Artichockes

Good week or maybe two ago I have bought Jerusalem Artichokes.
Actually, in Dutch they're called "aardperen". Well, I am curious. And never seen anything like that so decided to make something out of aardperen (kruske iz zemlje).
So, I searched the net in search for...
Here :
Jamie Oliver's Sauted Jerusalem Artichokes with Garlic
A very interesting recipe.
What I've done was used the apple vinegar instead of white vinegar (I have no white vinegar).
Really wonder how will it come.
It'll be eaten with salad.

And this morning I had PIZZA for breakfast!!!!!
Yesterday evening I baked bread (corn-rye - yes, with gluten) and left a bit for my pizza.
Half pizza I made with cheese and pesto, other half was with anchovies. And lots of onions and tomato sauce and capers and olives.
Oh, I love my surprise breakfasts...

Now waiting for the JA...
Will let know.

Here I am. Make sure you DO cook them for the full 25 minutes. And only THEN take of the lid and bake a bit more. I was in a hurry (hungry!!!!) so, mine were a bit too undercooked. :D

Update 2 (31.03.2009.)
Ok, if you can't digest inulin, (it's a type of carbohydrate and JA are FULL of that stuff), beware!!!

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