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Experiment with green salad

I hate the third day.
It's always painful. And I feel swollen like a huge balloon.
And I am not in the mood to eat, and I don't eat that much. And still I feel like I have eaten a ton of food and I feel full and swollen and... bah!

So, today, after the breakfast (buckwheat porridge with two oranges and raisins, cooked on water, with some cinnamon, from yesterday :D), I ate only a few grapes.
And I feel like I've eaten a whole barrel.

Anyway, for today I wanted something simple and easy and not too difficult, and not too heavy. And it had to come with the green salad.

So, my first thought was rice with basil paste, but then...
BTW, thank goodness I have finally finished that rice. I really had no idea how to cook it. On the box it said, put the rice in the boiling water. I did it today. When I checked 20 minutes later, it was still as hard and non-swollen as before.

So, here it goes:

1 whole green salad
40gr rice
1 tin sardines in oil
3 spoons basil paste
2 spoons olive oil
3 spoons grape seed oil
1 lemon
a pinch of salt (not too much, as sardines are already salty)

Cook the rice (check how your rice needs to be cooked, to get it swollen and fluffy).
Cut the salad - I used ijsbergsla - no idea about the name in English - you do not open the leaves, you need to cut it in stripes, then wash the cut salad.
And them mix all together.
It is a bit unusual, but it is light enough and lots of fibre.

No dinner for me.
But sleep! Sleep! SLEEP!!!

P.S. Eating the salad. It is perfect! Nice combinations.

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