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I won't promise better days
tomorrow is staring at your face
and it doesn't look good
it's painted black
I think it's worth a struggle to hold on
though everything fails from now on
...I just hope that I'm not wrong
"hope that I won't upset you, but I love you, I'll never forget you"
-you wrote
"I won't forget you, but tomorrow I'll go"
-is what you wrote
The ramones in my headphones sound too good again
while I'm thinking of
bullet on the heart, gun in the hand,
is this the only way to end?
I don't think i will hold on
"hope that i won't upset you, but i love you, i'll never forget you"
-you wrote
I know there's no reason to stay here with us waiting for another day
because another day won't come to rescue again, no good morning my friend.

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