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Goodbye my friend... my love.. my soul
I'm leaving now... and won't be back
I know no one will miss me
We will meet again... someday
In better times I hope...
So goodbye... my friend... my love
Oh.. I do love you so

This is my last song
Last song for you...
I'll let go of you...I must
'Cause it hurts me so much
I have to carry on...
Without you..and I know it will be hard
But I'm strong enough now..
All alone...

...rjesavala sam neki kviz..neam pojma di sam ga nasla..
i dobila sam ovo kao rezultat:

You really did love someone, and did everything you could for them. You wanted to make sure they knew just how much you cared about them, and you took care of all of their needs and were their strength. But they couldn't, or wouldn't, do the same for you. Now, you still find yourself missing them, and wishing that you didn't. You've come to realize that as long as you were with them, you were really alone. You've got to move on and realize that you really are a beautiful person underneath it all.
znam da moram krenut dalje...

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