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Eleven Reasons to Download Firefox

1. Testing Design Code - Firefox is picking up an ever increasing number of users. If you design websites, your design for Internet Explorer may not look right in Firefox. You should adjust your design techniques so that your pages look the same in both browsers. If you don't have Firefox, you need to get it, if for nothing else, to test your designs.
2. Open Source Structure - Programmers can analyze its structure and quickly expose any questionable code. Different nations, with the help of Microsoft, can hide their spy code within Internet Explorer's proprietary structure making it practically impossible for outsiders to learn of its existence. (There's no evidence that this ever happened.)
3. Faster Browsing - New engine that powers Firefox delivers faster page loads, displays complex websites correctly, and supports new standards.
4. Automatic Updates - Firefox downloads security updates automatically in the background and prompts when they are ready to install.
5. Tabbed Browsing - This feature allows you to open multiple web pages in a single browser window and quickly flip back and forth between them.
6. Improved Pop-up Blocking - This feature efficiently blocks pop-up and pop-under ads.
7. Integrated Search - Has Google toolbar built-in.
8. Better Security - Has improved protection from spyware, worms, and viruses. Updates become available quickly as new security issues emerge.
9. Live Bookmarks - Bookmarks (Favorites in Internet Explorer) update themselves as new content becomes available.
10. Accessibility - Firefox 1.5 (Windows version) meets US Federal Government Requirements for easy accessibility to physically impaired users.
11. Free Software - Firefox is free!

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