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Kontera: Excellent in-text Ads:

[kontera-logo.gif]This affiliate program is gaining a lot of popularity in publishers because of its in-text Ads(Ads within your content).You can get a good Click-Through-Rate(CTR) with Kontera.
When you apply for Kontera account, the Kontera team will go through your website.If found useful, they will approve your account.This procedure is similar to that of Google Adsense, but requires just 2-3 days.
Once you are account holder, you can create the Ad of your choice.

How will the Ad look?
The Ads are nothing but the underlining of your text.They will double underline those keywords for which the advertisers are ready to pay.When a visitor scrolls over to that double underlined word, a small window(like bubble) appears to the side of that word.This bubble contains the Ad.If the visitor clicks this Ad, you get paid on Pay-Per-Click(PPC) basis.

In the earlier stage, Kontera was approving only those websites which had very strong traffic of 5,00,000 page impressions per month.But now they are approving all the websites irrespective of the traffic they get.

1.You will start earning once the ad-matching is perfectly done
2.Extra revenue along with other ad networks

1.Very low CPC (cost per click)
2.Very low CTR

If you want to try it, join it.
Click here to Join

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