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ako itko zna koja je ovo igra

Hello!!!!!!!!!! i will help all you people pass gateway 2 its easy look :
Tape 1
go through the gateway, down the hall, button to open and
take the hand mirror, it'll be useful later.
Examine the sink, turn on the water
That's hot water.
Code for the cabinet is in the mirror (7997)
Go outside, see the yellow bot
You see that when you stand under the light, your mirror glows
Blind the eye with the mirror to get out
Push in tape, transfer,watch

Tape 2
keep all the spots dark to have the door open
Just fiddle with this one, you'll get it eventually
take the lighter and newspaper from the table
There's a screwdriver in the dresser
Put the newspaper under the door and use the screwdriver in the lock
Use the key to open
Just click out to where you think you should be able to walk to get the tape
Take note of the numbers on the pyramid painting upon leaving (786)
Yellow bot again, same bridge puzzle on the way back
Insert tape, transfer, and watch

Tape 3
Use the pen to scribble on the pad and get the number
Blink three times with the lamp, wait for the return
Go back to the phone and dial the number
Use your lighter to set off the sprinkler
Grab the tape, and when the eyes appear, open the fridge door and hide as far back int eh shade of the fridge as you can.
Eventually the eyes will leave again
Use your mirror to make a prism in the water
This is the code for the alarm (BPYGRO)Yellow bot, exit
Transfer and watch

Tape 4
Look in the window
Force the student to create the sums 24, 79, 163.Or you can just look at the other door to find the three sums.
Check your telescope to see yellow bot
Blink the lamp thrice
Back to the telescope
Answer the phone
Notice the note-like scribbles
I used 11223311
Turn on the tv
Remember the code for the pyramids?
Grab the tape
Yellow bot, leave
After yellow bot collapses, go to the tv
Transfer and watch
Now back to the girl, examine her
See the place where a cord might go?
Well, plug her in with the wire on the ground
Now you must recall the real-life order of the tapes
Yellow bot has her resurrection, resolution, and epiphany, and we're done
Follow her out for credits

ako ne znate gdje naŠ igru evo ovdje

i onda idete na popularne igre i pritisnte gateway
nadam se da sam pomogla bokkkkk

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