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...Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it...

"..Riječi su u ovom postu suvišne..Pjesme i naslov govore sve.."

I've been trying to tell you something
But you never understand
I feel like we've been
going 'round in circles
You look at me like I've become
A stranger on the streets,
A skeleton that's been
hiding in your closet

I see you next to me but
you feel so far away
Where did we go wrong?


I've been around the world
And I've seen so many things
I can't even tell you where I'm going
But no matter where I'm going
And no matter what I do
Something keeps me coming back to you

What can I do, When your gone
When it feels so wrong
What can I say
To make you wanna stay
So what can I do, Don't leave me this way
Cause it feels so wrong,
So stop all these games
Cause I just can't say goodbye

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