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My world... one that shows the real me:-)

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First impressions on people are usually not the real ones.
People wear masks, they hide themselves behind another person.
They had to do it because God made some of them bad...
There are people who live to hurt the others, who live to break souls.

I'm like every person on this planet,
I wear a mask... I hide my real self
because you never know who is planing to hurt you.
But my real friends know me,
they know what I'm trying to say even before I sad it.
They know when my eyes are sparkling, and my smile is sweet...
I'm really about to cry.

There are two people that know me, the real me... to the bone
They know my every heartbeat, every sorrow, sadness, happiness...
Every smile, wound, every broken part...
They were there through all my tears and all my smiles.
One of them is my Angel, and the second one is Me.

I'm a big mystery, a big treasure that has to be found yet.
And the ones that have the opportunity to know me
through my heart and soul... are the ones that show me they care.
Only little things matter to me, things that gave me strength to go on in life.
Things like... a word, a look in someone eyes, a hug, a smile.

But also there are people who are hurting me on purpose.
And they are throwing me to the ground, and trying to crush my soul.
But, they don't know that this is giving me power,
This is giving me more will to go on, and to stand stronger after every fall I take.

I'm not giving up that easily.
Every day I'm stronger, and it's harder getting to know me.
I'm a person who has to feel someones wish,
someones effort on trying to make a good impression on me.
It takes a little bit to become my acquaintance,
but a great effort to become my friend....

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