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"Good Bye

You could call this the end you could call it good bye
Cuz' what's da point of life if you gotta get high
Alone I always cry, when i'm plottin in my cell
Can't wait till I die see me rotten deep in hell
One day they'll hear my tale, and my life long struggles
How everyday as me is another sign of trouble
I aint a stunt double, I'm one of a kind
And if you think life is easy then son you must be blind
Always promised to find, my road to happiness
But reality cursed my life with full of stress
And I push with my best, my soul and all my heart
But what do u do when you lose before you start
And it seems I always part from the people I love
At the end of the year they turn to rats and bugs
Bunch of fakeless thugs, anyone of them could tell
Cuz' of backstabbin friends i spent christmas in jail

In life I always tryed to make a stand in pride
But as days passed by I kept stayin alive
And when I lay and die, i'll keep tellin ya my story
And please dont cry when im murdered and buried
And does the world worrie? Cuz' my life aint concerned
I ain't afraid to die i'm just waitin for my turn
the pain is like a burn, the scar will never go
And its hard nowadays to watch ur child grow
Things they'll neva kno, and things they neva heard
Cuz' how can you trust if no one takes ur word
So I soar like the birds and keep on smoking
And I threw away my heart so it`ll neva get broken
The doors already open, just waitin for my soul
Each step I take closer see the darkness as it falls
My eyes start to bawl, and I cant go on
I just hope they know my name when all the pain is gone

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