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Oops... hard disk failure...

The hard drive on my laptop died on Saturday. All of my dissertation files, photos,............. were on it. Luckily, as I've had this happen before, I keep at least 2-3 backups on two different sides of the world. I did lose about 3 days worth of work, so I'll have to redo it, but it could've been worse.

It all started with tiny weirdnesses happening: not being able to open some files, funny (but low) sounds while booting or writing files onto the disk... Windows XP didn't bother to let me know my BIOS S.M.A.R.T. detection was yelling there's a hard drive problem, they were just overriding the error messages. Luckily, I do all of my work on Linux, which showed me all of the S.M.A.R.T. error messages when I was logging out. My forced "vacation" was on Sunday, because I just got to get my new Hitachi 160GB HDD for the laptop today (this one is 60GB larger, faster@5400RPM and a bit noisier than the previous one). The hard drive installation went without any glitches, it was recognized by the BIOS and at 8:35AM I started Windows XP installation.

It's 11:46AM now, and the Windows installation is still going on... of course, I got the drivers and most of the basic programs installed (firewall - ZoneAlarm, antivirus - AVG Free edition, image viewer - Picasa, mp3 player - Winamp, different codecs, iTunes, Firefox, Thunderbird, RealPlayer, SMPlayer, but it's still at 70% of service pack 2 installation. In short, PAIN IN THE BUTT!

13:29hrs... The Windows XP installation + programs are finally over. It "only" took 5 hours, with 4 hours of my full attention. Programs left to install are: OpenOffice, MikTex, XEmacs and Aladin (astronomy software). Still to do with Windows XP - defragment the disk. I'll have to leave it over night...

Now I'm off to installation of Linux - openSuse 10.3...

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