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Prije sam se jebala, sad pijem.

Tip se ozenio. Krasno.
Ja najavljujem jos jedno vjencanje. Ono mene i moje Moretti. Guglaj ako neznasstaje.
Necu pisati tako cesto, jer nisam u stanju. I nemam vremena.
Catch me if you find Waldo.

Yeah o yeah you seen me walk
On burning bridges
Yeah o yeah you seen me fall
In love with witches
And you know my brain is held
Inside by stitches
Yet you know I did survive
All of your lovely sieges

And you know that I'll pick up
Every time you call
Just to thank you one more time
And you know that I'll survive
Every time you come
Just to thank you one more time
For everything you've done


And I'm sorry some of us
Given you bad name
yeah o yeah, cause without you
Nothing is the same
Yeah o yeah i miss you so
Every time we break up
Just to hit a higher note
Every time we make up

Who's crawlin' up my spine - alcohol
I've been waiting long long time - alcohol
Now you teach me how to rhyme - alcohol

Just don't stab me in the back with cartisol

Now we reunite - alcohol (ljubavljubavljubav)
And forever be divine - alcohol
Screw a light bulb in my head - alcohol
may that ceremony be happy or sad...

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