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The Meaning of Life

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A Stormfront member asked:

"If god does not exist, then does this mean that life has no meaning?"

Here is what I replied:

OK, but even with a God, what would be life's meaning?
Would it be just the perpetuation of one's existence?
Would it be being "good"?

What meaning would one like life to have anyway? And what is meaning to you or me anyway?

Perhaps before trying to answer the question if life has a meaning, should we ask ourselves what "meaning" is for us, what is its structure in our psyche.

Is it something that is part of our structure as beings? To what is it connected? To external things?
Or is this connection an illusion, the illusion that our reactions are conditioned by the exterior?
Could it be that the external conditioning is like a parasitic wedge planted in a feedback process that has its own inner causality?
Could it be that our "meaning" is ourselves, not the images that we have of ourselves or our lives, but the very process of conscious life that we are, and that this process has its own causality that is not conditioned by anything exterior?
Could it be that your meaning is you in this instant, the inner life causality that you are now, independent of any external conditions?

If it was so, the "feeling" of meaning could be in fact the tendency of your system, of your true inner unconditioned causality, to complete itself, to integrate life IN ITSELF, not to be integrated into something exterior.

That would mean that a system would reach its full "meaning" when it realises the full circle between the inner causality of the system and the external ations that are integrated as the act of creation of the free inner causality.

What I am saying is that what we call meaning "could" well be the very structure of life that we are, the full completion, not of something exterior, but of our own structure, of the inner causal life process that we are.
The idea is that it is not (exterior) life that gives us meaning. It is us who give meaning to life in its specific external forms, because the source of meaning is the very structure of life that we are.
Meaning is ourselves, when we realise our inner causality, the causality of the system that is us.
Meaning is the full circle of realisation of that causality, the full implementation of the principle of the system. Then, what you get as feedback from the exterior is not something that conditions YOU, it is somhing that gets integrated in the logic of your inner causality, of the creative life process that you are, not something defining that process.
Meaning is the freedom that you are, as a Human.

The trick is to turn things around, or more exactly to turn them straigt up again, as they are generally turned up side down in most people.

Meaning is a function of the system, a structural property of what humans are as systems.

Meaning is not a function of the external. It is the full integration of lifes contents in the process of inner causality that we are. It is the full circle that starts from the inner causality and returns to it, never defining that causalty trough the contents that this causality processes.

Meaning is life itself, as the fully realised system that we are.

Link to the Same Topic on Stormfront

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