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...a one koji su vidjeli nije bilo briga

No one else can feel it for you.
-Ja sam tada bila jedina zainteresirana osoba koja je pratila moj pogreb.
I know where you think you're going.
-No one really cares where I go.
"...and the times when we were young
when life seemed so long
day after day..."
-I think you'd better go with me.
Don't leave me here."
-You can run but you can't hide

Come to me
Comfort me
Take my hand

In your arms
In your eyes
I will be
Forever yours
Bring me down
To your bed
To your dreams

Take my life
Take everything
Through those meadows
Of heaven
Where we ran forevermore
I wish, oh, how I wish again
With you. Oh, to be with you

So lay me down
Close to you
Hold me now my lover
I kiss your tears
My sweet one
And kiss again, my love

....I don't believe that anybody feels
The way I do about you now ...

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