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...YoU knoW YoU`re CROATIAN wheN...

*** samo za one koji znaju engleski...

- All meals your parents have ever prepared contain one key ingredient

- You are never ever allowed to sit by an open window for fear of catching
pneumonia from the "propuh" (even in the middle of summer)

- Your Dida mowes the lawn in knee high black socks and sandals

- Your Dida has a shot of Rakija for breakfast

- At least one family member makes his own wine

- You are the only kid in your class who doesn't get to sleep in on Saturdays
because of "Hrvatska Skola"

- "Kuhace" are not only used for stirring when cooking...they are also used by
Mama to beat you when there is no "siba" handy

- At least once before you've told your parents that you'll call the police to
report "child abuse" and your parents said "Samo probaj"

- When leaving the house to go out, you always receive the same
warnings(regardless of age): -"Pazi sta radis", "Pamet u glavu", "Nemoj me
sramotit", "Nemoj da ja sta cujem"

- Sadly, if something actually does happen, somehow Mama will know before you
make it home

- Mama gets pissed off at you for bringing home McDonalds saying, "sta ce ti
taj junk?"

- You know that in addition to fruit flavoured Jello, that gelatin can also be
prepared with pigs feet

- You love "pasteta", but don't like bringing it to school or work for lunch
because you'd be embarassed if someone asked you what it was

- There is a slab of fat in your fridge called SLANINA

- When upset, it isn't unusual for Tata to send you "u pizdu materinu"

- Dida & Baka insist you are quiet while he watches the news even though he
doesn't understand a single word they're saying. Regardless of the fact he
doesn't understand what they're saying, he knows more about what's going on
in the world than you do

- Whenever your parents said "vidit cemo" you knew that it meant "NO!"

- You cringe when you hear the word BATINE and hide

- A CROATIAN wedding consists of a minimum of 1000 people, 2/3 of which you
dont even know

......You're still laughing your ass off cause u know every single one of
these are true!!!!!naughty

***pozdrav svima!!!!!!***

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