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Pridužimo se globalnoj akciji da svi skupa ugasimo svijetla
01. veljače između 19.55 i 20.00
i da tako sudjelujemo u navećoj akciji protiv klimatskih promjena
sa štednjom energije, koje previše upotrebljavamo.
Dozvolimo planeti Zemlja 5 minuta odmora u mraku.

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Prenijet ću vam i originalnu poruku...pozdrav....
The first of february we dimm
the lights between
7.55 and 8.00 PM!

An action against the climatechange.
Take on feruary 1st part in one of the biggest actions against climatechange forced by the people.

L'Alliance pour la Plančte (a group of environmental activists calls to all civilians:
Make our planet rest for five minutes!

Everybody is reqested to dimm his/her lights for five minutes between 7.55pm and 8.00pm on february firrst. This not only to save engergy for five minutes, but to bring out a message that will attrackt the attentoin of politicians and leaders. It is time for them to take action and avoid the waste of energy.
During 5 minutes we'll give the planet rest: it doesn't take long and it won't cost you a thing. And it will make a statement before federal elections that we as citizens want clamate on the agenda.
And why february 1st?
Because on that day a new file from climatologic experts from the United Nations will be published in Paris. Because it is with our neigbours it is impossible to let this opportunity slip! We have to get attention to the urgent matter of the worlds climatological situation. If everybody takes part in this action it will have an effect on media and politics that might have a real influence, this would be good on such short notice before the (Belgian) elections!

Make this message go around the globe, send it to friends, family and local pliticians. Put it in your newsletter and blog.

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